The procedure of CPR Training Manikin

The full form of CPR is CARDIOPULMONARY RESUSCITATION. It is a life-saving technique used in emergency situations such as fire, drowning, accidents, and heatstroke by both emergency workers and the general public. The CPR Training Manikin or BLS Manikin or Basic Life Support Manikin is designed according to the International CPR Standard. There are certainRead More

Why The Nursing Simulator is Needed?

The use of simulators should not be only centered on manual procedures practices but also on the generation of a learning environment which promotes the development of other skills such as communication, reflection, critical thought, decision taking, and the conception of the patient as a complex human entity. The incorporation of high-fidelity simulators that doRead More

Which Nursing Manikin Is Right For You?

This Nursing Manikin is a full body life like.  Life like manikin, designed for professional Nursing Training.  This high quality manikin provides possible wide range of exercises for first aid and emergency situation.  When planning to purchase a Nursing Mannequins for showing Nursing Training procedure, there are certain categories which one needs to understand. PROCEDURERead More