The procedure of CPR Training Manikin

CPR Training Manikin

The full form of CPR is CARDIOPULMONARY RESUSCITATION. It is a life-saving technique used in emergency situations such as fire, drowning, accidents, and heatstroke by both emergency workers and the general public.

The CPR Training Manikin or BLS Manikin or Basic Life Support Manikin is designed according to the International CPR Standard.

There are certain categories in which one needs to understand the procedure of CPR Training Manikin while purchasing a CPR Manikin.

CPR is done on chest position (30:2) based on the operating rate 100 times/minutes to make 30 correct chest compression.  It will be done by putting your palm in the middle of the position of the chest.   Your left palm down then put your right palm on above your left palm (crisscross).  Once the crisscross position is done then by putting both the palm, start the compression on the chest.   After you have done 30 such compressions, you need to pinch the nose with 2 fingers of one hand and with the other hand reach to chin or neck to raise the head back around 70° to 90° horizontally which helps the airway to open. Once the airway is open it is good for artificial respiration hence we need to blow it two times correctly around 500ml.  This is the basic procedure of 30: 2 which we need to perform 5 times.

Quality of CPR Training Manikin:-

We need to give importance to those quality dummies of a human being that are made out of Silicone or Polymerized Rubber because while doing practice procedures, one needs to feel as if it is done on an actual human being.

There are many CPR Training manikins available in the market but one needs to check that CPR Training Manikin has monitors because it will show the compression is done properly or not with light indicators and voice-guided.

Similarly while giving artificial respiration whether the airway is open or not and whether the artificial respiration blowing is correct or not, will be indicated through light indicators or voice-guided.

Once the entire process is completed, a person can be resuscitated. This is how life can be saved if the general public knows how to do a CPR procedure.  We would request the general public especially the School Teachers, Sports instructors, and the Policeman to know how to do CPR.  We hope we are able to spread awareness of this life saving technique to the general public.


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