Human Torso with Open Back, 23 parts, Unisex (85 cm)

Skeleton Model

This life-size torso disassembles into 23 individual parts and shows the most important organs and anatomical details of the human body. The right half of the head is open and shows the skull, brain, mouth and pharynx and the eye. The front of the neck is open, allowing the study of the larynx, thyroid, and cervical vessels. The chest and abdomen are completely opened all internal organs can be removed and partially disassembled. Male and female genitalia can be interchanged. The back is open and shows parts of the back muscles, the spine, the spinal nerves and a removable vertebra with spinal cord.

This popular Medical torso is supplied with the following removable parts and organs:

Dissectible into 23 parts :

  • Female breast plate
  • Head
  • Eyeball
  • Brain
  • Vertebra
  • Spinal nerves
  • Lung (2 parts)
  • Heart (2 parts)
  • Liver
  • Kidney
  • Stomach (2 parts)
  • Intestines (4 parts)
  • Male genitalia (2 parts)
  • Female genitalia with fetus (3 parts).

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